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The program at Rocky Mountain Day Camp is built for FUN! Campers build confidence and self-esteem through a wide variety of activities including: sports, music, arts&crafts, and STEM. Every activity we offer is conducted by our expert staff in an age and ability appropriate manner.

We understand that all children have a wide array of interests. Our program is designed so that every camper has a rewarding experience every day.

“RMDC is worth it. My kids have gone for years. The counselors are amazing. Think old fashioned day camp- sports/games/sing-offs/dance offs. One year my kids declined all other opportunities- they wanted RMDC all summer. “

-Shaun and Annabel – Camp parents

Featured Activities


Arts and Crafts



Bunk Time

Camp Games


Climbing Wall

Gaga Ball


Disc Golf


Floor Hockey






Relay Games





STEM Activities

Team Building Activities

Team Handball



Water Activities

and much more!


RMDC at Centennial

Centennial Middle School
2205 Norwood Ave
Boulder, CO 80304

RMDC at Meadowlark

Meadowlark School
2300 Meadow Sweet Ln.
Erie, CO 80516

RMDC at Superior

Superior Elementary
1800 S Indiana St.
Superior, CO 80027

RMDC at Manhattan

Manhattan Middle School
290 Manhattan Dr.
Boulder, CO 80303

Daily Schedule

7:30-9:00 AM – Pre-Camp (Additional Cost)

9:00 – 9:15 AM – Drop Off

9:15 AM – All Camp Assembly

9:20 AM – Activity #1

10:00 AM – Activity #2

10:45 AM – Snack*

10:55 AM – Activity #3

12:00 PM – Lunch*

12:25 PM – Rest/Bunk Time

12:30 PM – Activity #4

1:20 PM – Activity #5
2:00 PM – Activity #6

3:00 PM – All Camp Assembly

3:15 PM – Pick Up

3:15-5:30 PM – After-Camp (Additional Cost)

*Campers bring their own snack and lunch. Rocky Mountain Day Camp provides a morning and afternoon snack time.

The above schedule is representative of a regular day at camp. Wacky Wednesdays, Color War and other special events may have modified schedules. The daily schedule and upcoming events are posted each day for families to view when they drop off their camper.

Camper Groups

At Rocky Mountain Day Camp children spend their day in a small group with other campers who are the same age and gender identity. Groups share a “bunk” where they keep their personal belongings and spend “bunk time” together. Each group is led by a team of counselors who accompany them throughout the day to ensure total supervision, safety, guidance and FUN! Bunks develop their own sense of community, cooperation and pride. Each group has their own customized schedule of activities which changes daily. Lunch time, assemblies and other special events bring all of our bunks together building our camp community. 

“My granddaughter has been going for 5 years. Her mom said the day before camp started this year, she couldn’t sleep because she was so excited. They teach teamwork and acceptance…it’s great!”

– Pamela, Camp grandma

Counselors In Training (C.I.T.) Program

Our Counselor In Training program offers a great leadership experience that gives older campers the opportunity to see what it is like to be an RMDC staffer! Incoming 9th and 10th grade campers are eligible to enroll in our Counselor in Training program. Counselors in Training, or C.I.T.s, split their time between being a C.I.T. and being a camper. In their first week, they will learn the ropes of being a counselor and will receive a condensed “staff orientation”. They will start out by assisting counselors in various camp groups, and eventually have opportunities to take the lead in several activities with the help of our expert staff. We understand that C.I.T.s still want to experience all of the fun that RMDC has to offer, therefore they will have many opportunities to be campers themselves in our oldest groups. Tuition for C.I.T.s remains the same as Full-Day campers.

“Thank you! Summer goes way too fast – another great RMDC year! E. had an absolutely fantastic CIT year and I can’t express enough how much your leadership and amazingness has impacted him.”


– Becca, Camp Mom

“My husband and I are so grateful for the experience B. had at RMDC. The experience of childhood camp is what you offered to him. The activities were introduced in an experimental manner that fully engaged his young group rather than create competition. The variety of activities reached each child’s special interest so each child could shine while introducing other areas of interest. The staff was respectful, warm and involved and the director was open to all parent discussion, always on site and greeted each child by name and with a big smile that said to them they were important. We thank you for this childhood memory; a beautiful imprint for B. He already talks about going again next summer.”


– Nancy and Clay, Camp parents

Special Programs and Surprises

Special events, surprises and all-star guest appearances occur throughout the summer. Rocky Mountain Day Camp campers never know what kinds of things can happen in any given day, week or session. We would love to tell you what some of these activities are, but you will have to wait and hear about them from your camper!

Wacky Wednesday

Wednesdays at camp are like no other day! Each Wednesday one-of-a-kind activities are presented by our dedicated and creative RMDC staff. Campers have the opportunity to choose one of these unique activities during this time. Favorite Wacky Wednesday activities have included: Rocky Mountain Day Spa, Survivor, Mission Impossible, Baking and much more! The possibilities are endless!


Carnival is the ultimate all-camp event and something our campers look forward to each summer! Get your face painted. Try to hit a giant target at the football toss. Pop a balloon with your bow and arrow. Throw a pie at your favorite counselor’s face. Campers enjoy their very own carnival without ever leaving camp.

Color War

Each session campers eagerly await the infamous Color War breaks. “Are you Green or are you White,” can be heard all throughout camp as campers compete in many events and are led by our Staff Captains. Color War culminates with the Sing in which each team performs the Camp Cheer, Team Cheer, Camp Clap, as well as our Rocky Mountain Day Camp Song in front of a panel of camp judges.The RMDC Color War trophy is ceremoniously awarded to the winning team. The trophy comes with its own bragging rights, but only until the next Color War begins!

Camp FAQ

Why Rocky Mountain Day Camp?

We hire the best staff, offer engaging programs and utilize high quality equipment. While the state of Colorado requires a minimum camper to staff ratio of 15:1, we maintain a 6:1 camper to staff ratio. This means we have more than double the staff that is required of a licensed day camp. As parents ourselves, we believe ALL campers deserve the absolute best when it comes to their summer camp experience and Rocky Mountain Day Camp will provide that day in and day out. We have been voted Boulder County’s Best Summer Day Camp since 2008.

Why do you recommend campers attend for a full session?

In any new environment it takes children two to four days to adjust and become comfortable. Attending RMDC for a full session will provide the best opportunity to fully engage in all activities. This will also allow your camper to develop friendships and build their confidence and self esteem. By attending a full session or more, campers also improve their skills and become a positive part of the camp community.

How long are your sessions?

Our sessions are three weeks long, and each week builds upon the prior one, creating a unique experience. Each session provides your camper a new and exciting adventure! Although we do not require your camper to attend the full session, we highly recommend it. 


Do I have to attend a full session?

In order to experience the magic of Rocky Mountain Day Camp from start to finish, we highly recommend your camper attend a full session or consecutive weeks.

We understand that attending a full session may not work with your schedule, therefore, you may register for a minimum of ANY two weeks across Weeks 1-9 (for example, you may register for Weeks 1, 4, and 7).

Please keep in mind, we DO NOT recommend your camper’s first week of RMDC be the last week of a session.

Can I send my child to more than one session?

YES! Every session at Rocky Mountain Day Camp is unique. Campers who attend multiple sessions have new and exciting experiences. Many campers attend all 9 weeks.

What is your refund/cancellation/schedule change policy?

A two-week per camper minimum is required in order to attend Rocky Mountain Day Camp. This means that if you register for two weeks and are only able to attend one week, your payment will not be refunded.

Cancellations requested on or before March 31 will be given a full refund. Cancellations requested on or after April 1, will result in a $125 per week cancellation fee.

Schedule changes requested on for before April 30 may occur without any additional charges, based upon availability. Schedule changes requested on or after May 1, will result in a $25 per week change fee. Early enrollment discounts are non-transferable when switching weeks.

What is your missed/sick day policy?

Refunds or “make up days” will not be given for any absences including but not limited to: sick days, missed days, family vacation days, COVID, or other health quarantines. Regular tuition will be charged for all absences. This also includes pre-camp and after-camp. This policy is in place because the cost for staff and programming remains the same when children are absent.

How do you separate your bunks?

Our entire camp model is based upon a sleep-away camp experience even though we are a day camp. At sleep-away camp, the bunks are created based on age and gender identity, which is how we create our bunks at RMDC. This allows our campers to build a special sense of community and belonging just like they would at sleep-away camp.

We often mix groups for activities, and during our special events like Wacky Wednesday and Color War. We welcome ALL children at Rocky Mountain Day Camp and it is important to us that our campers feel comfortable in their groups. We also work individually with our families to ensure every camper feels happy and successful each day.

What is your camper to staff ratio? Do you background check and train your staff?
Rocky Mountain Day Camp maintains a 6 to 1 camper to staff ratio. We background check all of our staff members through the Colorado Bureau of Investigations and the Colorado Department of Human Services. Our staff receives one week of thorough training and orientation prior to the first day of camp.

Every one of our counselors is certified in First Aid, CPR, Playground and Safety, FEMA, Injury Prevention, and Universal Precautions.

Are you a licensed day camp?

Yes. We are licensed by the State of Colorado Department of Human Services. We also follow all health guidelines as prescribed by the Boulder County Department of Health.

You should ask this question before you send your child to ANY camp.

Do you take the campers on any field trips?

No. At Rocky Mountain Day Camp every activity and event is held on our own campus. We do not believe you can build a camp community by placing campers on a bus.

Rocky Mountain Day Camp is a private, safe environment where your children will thrive!

Is Rocky Mountain Day Camp a “Sports Camp?”

We do have many different sports but we also offer STEM, music, arts and crafts, drama, dance, team building, along with a variety of other non-sports activities. All of our sports and activities are done in an age and ability appropriate manner. No matter how much experience your child has in any of our activities we conduct them in a way that is fun, challenging and campers improve upon their skills.


RMDC at Centennial

Centennial Middle School
2205 Norwood Ave
Boulder, CO 80304

RMDC at Meadowlark

Meadowlark School
2300 Meadow Sweet Ln.
Erie, CO 80516

RMDC at Superior

Superior Elementary School
1800 S Indiana St.
Superior, CO 80027

RMDC at Manhattan

Manhattan Middle School
290 Manhattan Dr.
Boulder, CO 80303


All Locations

Session 1: May 28* - June 14
*Camp begins Tuesday May 28
Session 2: June 17 - July 5*
Session 3: July 8 - July 26
*Camp closed July 4

Contact Info


(303) 495-5204


(303) 482-2764



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