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Rocky Mountain Day Camp Program ActivitiesOverview

The program at Rocky Mountain Day Camp is built for FUN! Campers build confidence and self-esteem through a wide variety of activities. Every activity we offer is conducted by our expert staff in an age and ability appropriate manner.

We understand that all children have a wide array of interests. Our program is designed so that every camper has a rewarding experience every day.

Rocky Mountain Day Camp Program ActivitiesDaily Schedule
7:30-8:50 AM - Pre-Camp (Optional)
8:50-9:00 AM - Drop Off
9:00 AM - All Camp Assembly
9:15 AM - Activity #1
10:00 AM - Activity #2
10:45 AM - Snack
10:55 AM - Activity #3
11:45 AM - Lunch*
12:15 PM - Rest/Group Time
(Pick Up for half-day Rookie Campers)
12:40 PM - Activity #4
1:20 PM - Activity #5
2:00 PM - Activity #6
3:00 PM - Snack/Camp Time/Assembly
3:15 PM - Pick Up
3:15-5:30 PM - After-Camp (Optional)

*Campers bring their own lunch each day. Rocky Mountain Day Camp provides a morning snack and an afternoon snack to all campers.

The above schedule is representative of a regular day at camp. Pool days, Wacky Wednesday, Color War and all camp events have modified schedules. The daily schedule and upcoming events are posted every day for parents to view when they drop off their camper.

Camper Groups
At Rocky Mountain Day Camp children spend their day in a small group with other campers who are the same age and gender.  They have a “bunk” for the group to keep their personal belongings and spend “group time” in together. Groups have their own counselors who accompany them throughout the day to ensure total supervision, safety and guidance. Each group develops its own sense of community, cooperation and pride. Boys and girls have their own schedules and their own activities each day. The whole camp eats lunch together and there are several all-camp activities when boys and girls do participate with each other as well!

Special events, surprises and all-star guest appearances occur throughout the summer. Rocky Mountain Day Camp campers never know what kinds of things can happen on any given day. We would love to tell you what some of these activities are, but you will have to wait and hear about them from your camper!

Activities List - Archery, Arts & Crafts, Baseball, Basketball, Climbing Wall, Dance, Drama, Floor Hockey, Football, Games, Golf, Lacrosse, Music, Rocketry, Soccer, Softball, Volleyball, Water Activities, Girls Camp.

Every Wednesday afternoon unique activities are offered by our outstanding staff. Campers have the opportunity to pick activities for themselves during this time. The possibilities are endless!

Get your face painted. Try to hit a giant target at the football toss. See if you can pop a balloon with your bow and arrow. Throw a pie at your favorite counselor’s face! Carnival RMDC style is the ultimate all-camp event!

Are you Green or are you White? Color War breaks and you find out what team you are on! The teams compete in many events and are led by our Staff Captains. The culmination of every Color War is the “Sing” where each team performs the Camp Cheer, Camp Clap, Team Cheer and the Camp Song in front of a judging panel. The winning team gets the Color War trophy! But they can only hold it until the next Color War begins!

Lets Have Fun!