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Rocky Mountain Day Camp Kids1. How long are your sessions?

We have three sessions that last for two weeks and one session that lasts for three weeks. The minimum enrollment is two weeks.

2. Can I send my child to more than one session?

Yes. Every session at Rocky Mountain Day Camp is different. Campers who attend multiple sessions have new and exciting experiences every session.

3. Why do you require campers to attend for a minimum of two weeks?

In any new environment it takes children two to four days to adjust and become comfortable. This is why we require campers to attend Rocky Mountain Day Camp for at least two weeks. It allows them to become comfortable and then build their confidence and self esteem. In two or more weeks campers improve their skills, make new friends and become a positive part of the camp

4. What is your camper to staff ratio? Do you background check your staff and train them?

Rocky Mountain Day Camp maintains a 6 to 1 camper to staff ratio. We background check all of our staff members through the Colorado Bureau of Investigations and the Colorado Department of Human Services. Our staff receives one week of thorough training and orientation prior to the first day of camp.

Every one of our counselors is certified in First Aid, CPR and Universal Precautions.

5. Are you a licensed day camp?
(You should ask this question before you send your child to ANY camp.)

Yes. We are licensed by the State of Colorado Department of Human Services. We also follow all health guidelines as prescribed by the Boulder County Department of Health.

6. Do you take the campers on any field trips?

No. At Rocky Mountain Day Camp every activity and event is held on our own campus. Our pool is located two blocks away from camp and we walk there on pool days. We do not believe you can build a camp community by placing campers on a bus and taking them to public places all the time. Rocky Mountain Day Camp is a private, safe environment where your children thrive!

7. Is Rocky Mountain Day Camp a “Sports Camp?”

 We do have many different sports but we also offer music, arts and crafts, drama, rocketry and other non-sports activities.  All of our sports and activities are done in an age and ability appropriate manner. No matter how much experience your child has in any of our activities we conduct them in a way that is fun, challenging and campers improve upon their skills.

8. Rocky Mountain Day Camp costs more than some other camps. Why?

 In order to hire the best staff, offer amazing programs and utilize better equipment than most other camps we must charge a little more. Many camps will only have the minimum required camper to staff ratio of 15-1. We maintain a 6-1 ratio which means we have more than double the staff of some other camps.  Your children deserve the absolute best when it comes to their summer camp experience.


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